Hey guys, I hope you’re enjoying watching my FTVGirls shoot, because I had a lot of fun doing it! From the beginning I knew I wanted to do porn, because I watched a lot of it. I have my favorite ...porn actresses, and I want to be one, and as famous and successful as them. I think I have a good head on my shoulders, I passed my high school in honors, and it wasn’t just any high school, but a military prep academy. I even got to working on my pilot’s license and flew Cessnas in training. I know I’m good looking, and I know what most guys want from me. I’m not prudish at all, and if I like someone, I think its just fine to have sex with them. Even if I’m with a partner, or boyfriend, its fine do have an open relationship and experiment with others. I do like bigger a girth on guys and I can take big dicks deep, so even more reason why I think I can do fine in porn. From this shoot I’ll be flying into LA, and doing more work, but I felt that FTVGirls was a good start for me (and the pictures are always a plus for promoting me). The weather got nasty fast, so our two day shoot was shorter than I would have liked, but I am coming back for more on a sunnier, warmer day. I’m from Florida after all, and it never gets cold there, so I’m not used to anything under 65 degrees. As for my videos, I enjoyed masturbating, and now that I know I can squirt, I’ll make a good show of it in my future shoots. That ten inch toy was just the right size for me, and it filled me up just as good. And yes, I am into anal sex too! I can do it all, and I hope you guys will follow me in my carreer 🙂

Her Beautiful First Time Exposure

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